Stocks; Refers to one of the equivalent parts of a company’s capital. By purchasing a stock of a company, you become a partner of that company. When you are investing in the stock market, you should thoroughly research everything about the company, such as the company’s activities, indebtedness, growth expectation, profit situation, dividend amount. You can profit from stock investment by selecting successful, long-running and profitable companies.
The liquidity that you will invest in Forex market share is a high financial market. You can buy and sell anywhere in the world for 5 days a week in the world’s leading companies Apple, Intel, Facebook, Amazon, Coca Cola, Mcdonalds, Pfizer and Google stocks.
Contract for Difference (CFD); Are the derivative instruments that only buy and sell price expectancies without actually possessing assets such as stocks, indices or commodities. A wide range of assets, including stocks, currency parities, indices, commodities, bonds and bonuses, can be a source of CFD contracts designed to be more flexible and faster to process with less capital. In CFD contracts, the asset is not actually bought and sold; Only at the expected price of the asset.
You must have good basic and technical analysis knowledge in order to earn a stock investment. You can improve yourself on basic and technical analysis by participating in the free training of the world’s best brokerage houses, prepared by Forex expert staff.



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