EUR / GBP held to gains near 0.8770, eyes at Brexit
EUR / GBP held to gains near 0.8770, eyes at Brexit

The European pair is trading in a narrow range at the start of the week, with investors being cautious ahead of the Brexit talks that will begin later in the session.
Apart from Brexit negotiations, the GBP may continue to be oppressed by the “potential terrorist attack” in London, and the intact turbulence in the UK political scenario, centered on Theresa May, the British Prime Minister. On the EUR side, French President Emmanuel Macron is supporting the majority of Sunday’s elections in the French Parliament, the risk appetite and the feeling of the EUR periphery.
While data on both sides of the data front are not expected to be relevant, the European Central Bank will speak in the morning of President M. Carney, while Lautenschlager and Nouy are expected to speak.
The EUR / GBP pair is currently trading at 0.8769 with 0.10% gain.
Significant technical levels for EUR / GBP
Support for the 0.8810 (June 15 summit), 0.8865 (June 9 summit 2017) and 0.9055 (November 2 summit 2016) level resistance, 0.8727 (20-day SMA), 0.8715 (June 16 dip) and 0.8646 (June 8 dip) You can create.