What is Forex? What is history?

FX, Foreign Exchange Forex, the world's largest and most liquid financial market, is an international financial market in which the funds of different countries are exchanged.


Forex markets can handle hundreds of financial products including parcels, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds and bills, and CFDs.
The main participants of the market are institutional and individual investors including central banks, commercial banks, pension and mutual funds, portfolio management companies, insurance companies, hedging funds.
There is no general center for trading orders on the Forex market. Because there are global trading centers on the Forex market. London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong are among the major trading centers of the Forex market.
Transactions; Banks, institutions and individual investors through electronic banking network. Prices are determined automatically in free market environment depending on supply and demand. Prices that change instantaneously are almost the same throughout the world in the same time slot.
The working time interval of the market is very broad compared to other markets. The Forex market is accessible everywhere on the internet, which can be traded on weekdays for five days and 24 hours. Forex is a very active market today where investors of all sizes can only access an internet connection at any time of day.
The most traded countries on the Forex market are the UK, the US and Japan. The most traded currency on the Forex market is the US Dollar, followed by the Euro, the Sterling and the Japanese Yen.
Forex, the world’s largest and most liquid financial market, is an international financial market in which the funds of different countries are exchanged.

History of Forex
The basis of the markets known as Forex today was laid in 1973. But the conversion of money from one currency to another has reached very ancient times. The world’s most dominant currency before the Second World War was the British Pound. However, during the Second World War, the British lost their Pound power as a result of their struggle with Germany. The US dollar, which lost its strength with the 1929 crisis, became the most used currency everyday with the power of the American economy during the Second World War, and the United States became the economic power of the world.

Forex market advantages
– The world’s most liquid market,
– 5 days / 24 hours open market,
– Possibility of double direction processing,
– Easy access to the market,
– The possibility of high leverage processing up to 100 times of the collateral,
– The prices can not be manipulated,
– Low transaction costs,
– Variety of transaction platforms including mobile
– Opportunity to trade at the same price as the whole world,
– Order variety

In addition, small leverage and high leverage that allows large volumes of transactions can be invested for $ 100 with an investment of $ 100 with a leverage ratio of 1/100 on the forex market, allowing for more investment opportunities.



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