Political Developments

The price graph that emerges within the course of the value of the money basically describes the psychological approach of the entire investor group.


It is not wrong to see that the dynamic of prices is shaped by traders’ decisions made by investors and that the movements of prices are part of human nature when investors think investment decisions are in the light of current situation assessments. In this context, all expectations about the money are reflected in prices.
What affects the value of any currency is basically the way human behavior and events are perceived. Although the basic dynamics that influence price movements are current developments, what really reveals the price is about how these phenomena are perceived by humans. The concept that economists call “pricing of developments” is precisely related to this. The influence of any political development is limited by the investor’s perception. Therefore, each investor can perceive current developments differently and price them in different directions. Because every political and economic development interpretation is like an open surrealist work. Making and concluding the meaning of tablodan can have different consequences for every investor.
All political developments are the speculative resource for the direction of money. Some political developments may be politically motivated. From the resignation of any authority to the prime minister’s health, from inter-party problems to corruption in any ministry, all developments can be priced on the currency of the relevant country. For this reason, those orienting their investments in the currency of the relevant country can follow all existing developments.
From time to time, some authorities who know that political and economic news is the price value can sometimes make statements and make statements in order to shape, direct or stabilize the graph. For example, there may be a number of important statements that the President of the Central Bank, the President of the Capital Markets Board, the chief executive officer of the stock exchange, relevant ministers or an authority with other monetary authority may accelerate the market in case of uncertainty. The reversal of the uncertainty table and the increase in purchases are due to the positive perception of unexpected events by investors. Likewise, developments that will cause the investor to lose confidence cause the sales to increase and the price graph to tumble down rapidly. The main reason for this is, of course, the investor’s effort to earn high profits with the least risk. When confidence on the market diminishes, investors’ withdrawal of their investments to move to another market results in high depreciation.
Political developments in the dynamics of prices constitute important social causes. The perception of these developments and their reflection on prices is an investment decision made by investors.



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